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Disable ipad/iphone screen and buttons for children and businesses

April 24

Do you have kids who love their iPads but always end up pressing buttons and getting into things they shouldn’t?

Do you own a business and have an app that you want to lock people in to?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to disable the screen and buttons!

Although you can do with Mobile Device Management (MDM), there is an easier way! It’s called “Guided Access” and it can be configured in minutes on any iOS device!

As always, I don’t take credit for discovering these things, we’re just good at the google. All credit for this one goes to WikiHow and Google. Link Below:

Remove / Repair Outlook 2011 Identities in Apple Mac OSx

April 18

Sometimes outlook files become corrupt and/or Outlook begins to act slow. In case that outlook needs to be reset, the first think to try is to delete the identity. If you’re using exchange, this isn’t a problem because all your emails should be stored on the exchange server.

So, to delete your current identity, close down outlook and re-launch it while holding down the *option* key. The Microsoft Database Utility will open up and you should be able to select and delete your identity

Below are some more detailed instructions, including how to back up your identities folder before deleting:

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