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Automatically mount partitions/points in Ubuntu

April 23



Also, auto-fs is great, it will dynamiclaly mount and unmount points based on use. For example, if your mount point resides on the network, it may be bandwidth-inefficient to have it mounted 100% of the time, even when it’s not in use. Auto-FS will mount nfs partitions dynamically as needed, thus potentially saving on bandwidth. I’m copying here in case this ever disappears.
PDF Below:

Modify Environment Variables in Ubuntu

April 17

In Ubuntu, environment variables should be defined (globally) in “/etc/environment”

Use your favorite text editor (in sudo) to modify the file

for example:

(command) sudo nano /etc/envrionment

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Install nemo in ubuntu

April 2

IMO, the nemo file manager included in Linux Mint is pretty cool (you were right Leo), especially since it has a right-click ~”run as admin” option. I’ve had issues installing mint and had to go with Ubuntu, this site shows you how to install Nemo/Cinnamon on Ubuntu.

You should also follow the directions found here:

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