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2Gig Z-Wave Panel and Z-Wave Siren

December 12

One of my customers was having issues getting his new Z-Wave Siren working with his 2Gig Panel. I was able to point him to some forum posts and he figured out the rest. Below is a summary of what he did, hope it helps someone!

Thanks to mustfa100!


I did the following to make it work.
1- Upgraded my firmware to version 1.14

2- Enabled the Zwave switch feature Q82

3- Create Two Scenes (alarm On and Alarm Off)

4- Create Two Rules (Rule 1 when the alarm or fire active turn the scene on, Rule 2 when the I disarm, turn the siren off)
All is working now. Thanks for the hints.

Apple to “Refund for In-App Purchased made by a minor”

April 1

If you or someone you know has been affected by the lack of parental controls in Apple’s App-Store, you may be eligible for a refund.

In what I believe to be in relation to law-suits, Apple is issuing refunds for cases of unauthorized app store or in-app purchases. In my case, a minor who shall rename anonymous, purchased over $100 in in-game currency, whether by mistake or not, the damage was done. I followed the instructions provided by Apple and received a refund in under 20 minutes, GREAT WORK APPLE!

Read the full email below, use these links for additional information

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Cell border disappears when using CSS gradient in old versions of IE

October 29

In older versions of IE, mainly versions <=8 and modern versions rendering in a Quirks document mode,  using a gradient fill ignores a border, or rather, it fills over the border. This is very problematic when using a gradient fill to fill the background of a table cell. There are many posts around the net about this but most offer solutions that don’t always work, such as playing with border-collapse and position properties. Thus far, the only solution I’ve found that works across all cases is to simulate a border using the outline property.

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How to Download EndNote

July 23

If you’re in Academia or Research then you probably know all about EndNote and if you’re a human being, you’ve probably lost a software CD or 2, probably even your EndNote CD.

Thankfully, Thomson Reuters, the company behind End Note, has made it relatively easy for you to download the End Note install files. As for the registration information, simply backup the license.dat file from your old install and paste the file in the EndNote folder after you reinstall. If you don’t have your endnote license.dat file, call End Note, they can often times help find the old registration information.

Download Links:

If the above link doesn’t work, visit the knowledgebase link below and search for “82126” without quotes



Own an HD HomeRun Prime? This link is for you!

June 3

This is a very helpful thread for HD HomeRun Prime owners! Even shows you how to create a shortcut to reboot your HD HomeRun


Nagios vs Zenoss and Webmin vs Spacewalk vs Puppet

May 31

System monitoring is an important aspect of IT Management. Knowing when things go down and being able to predict problems before they happen are crucial in an enterprise environment. But, the keywords here are IT Management, as important as monitoring is, Management is doubly so. To borrow a phrase from old Ben Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

We’ve used Nagios (minimally) for monitoring and most recently WebMin for linux server management. However, as we all know, where there’s 1, there is many, so I decided to look around and see what alternatives exist.


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How to Clean Disk in Windows Vista & Windows 7

April 11

A user called in today with problems formatting an external disk. I found myself having to give him instructions on how to use diskpart. I did a quick google search and found a nice protocol, compliments of icydock, saved me having to write up instructions!




Enter Toshiba Qosmio Bios

March 3

This should work with any Toshiba laptop that uses the *icon* method of selecting a boot device.


As soon as the computer is turned on, hit the “ESC” (escape) key, you should then hear a *beep* and be prompted to press “F1” to continue. Hitting “F1” will enter the BIOS Setup