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Manually remove sheet protection from an Excel workbook

March 9

For Excel version 2010 and below, an easy VBA macro can be used to generate a compatible password to “un-protect” a worksheet. The macro that is floating around the internet does not actually reveal the password, but generates another password that will authenticate the same way to Excel. This was possible due to a weakness in the excel password system where it hashed passwords into a weak algorithm (Explanation Here).

For later version of Excel, “un-protecting” a worksheet became a little tougher, but still doable. The reason it’s possible to remove the sheet protection is because protection does not equal encryption, a protected sheet is not encrypted. Encryption is a totally different animal and not one that I have an easy answer for. But if you’re just looking to remove sheet protection, then chances are it can be done.

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2Gig Z-Wave Panel and Z-Wave Siren

December 12

One of my customers was having issues getting his new Z-Wave Siren working with his 2Gig Panel. I was able to point him to some forum posts and he figured out the rest. Below is a summary of what he did, hope it helps someone!

Thanks to mustfa100!


I did the following to make it work.
1- Upgraded my firmware to version 1.14

2- Enabled the Zwave switch feature Q82

3- Create Two Scenes (alarm On and Alarm Off)

4- Create Two Rules (Rule 1 when the alarm or fire active turn the scene on, Rule 2 when the I disarm, turn the siren off)
All is working now. Thanks for the hints.

Disable ipad/iphone screen and buttons for children and businesses

April 24

Do you have kids who love their iPads but always end up pressing buttons and getting into things they shouldn’t?

Do you own a business and have an app that you want to lock people in to?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to disable the screen and buttons!

Although you can do with Mobile Device Management (MDM), there is an easier way! It’s called “Guided Access” and it can be configured in minutes on any iOS device!

As always, I don’t take credit for discovering these things, we’re just good at the google. All credit for this one goes to WikiHow and Google. Link Below:

Do you use Office 365 at work? Be mindful of the emails you send

February 20

Long story short, Microsoft is going to make it possible that your deleted e-mails never disappear and can always be recoverable. That being said, all you need to remember is that Work E-Mail is for Work!

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Microsoft Office Freezing or Lagging?

July 20

If your Microsoft Office products are freezing, lagging or behaving strangely, the issue may be with hardware graphics acceleration. We’ve seen issues involving Windows 8 and Nvidia Graphics chipsets, in all cases, disabling hardware graphics acceleration in the Microsoft application solved the problem. It’s possible that a drive update will be released to fix these issues but in the mean time, here is the solution.

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Office 365 Hosted Exchange & Distribution Groups (Security Flaw or Feature?)

July 15

Office 365 is the best thing to happen in the Hosted E-Mail business since well….I don’t know, I’m not a writer and I can’t come up with a clever comparison right now, just know that it’s a GREAT THING for many different reasons.

However, depending on your environment, some default features may be considered big security flaws by some. Most recently, we discovered that by default, regular users can create Global Exchange Distribution Groups which not only propagate to the GAL but can also encumber a routable e-mail address.

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Apple to “Refund for In-App Purchased made by a minor”

April 1

If you or someone you know has been affected by the lack of parental controls in Apple’s App-Store, you may be eligible for a refund.

In what I believe to be in relation to law-suits, Apple is issuing refunds for cases of unauthorized app store or in-app purchases. In my case, a minor who shall rename anonymous, purchased over $100 in in-game currency, whether by mistake or not, the damage was done. I followed the instructions provided by Apple and received a refund in under 20 minutes, GREAT WORK APPLE!

Read the full email below, use these links for additional information

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Microsoft to offer free Windows XP Migration Software (easy way to move your files)

April 1

With Windows XP support ending on April 8th, 2014, Microsoft is offering free migration tools for those still unfortunate enough to be using Windows XP. Whether by choice, necessity or laziness, those still on XP should consider upgrading. In my experiences, if you have at least 2 GB. of memory, anything that is running Windows XP will support Windows 7, in most cases you will even see some performance improvements. You may experience issues with using legacy (really really old) software/hardware but in typical cases you’ll be just fine.

Visit for free migration software and additional migration information

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Useful Excel Functions: Unhide all hidden worksheets

December 2

This one comes to you compliments of

The following short VBA code also can help you display all of the hidden sheets at the same time.

1. Hold down the Alt + F11 keys in Excel, and it opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.

2. Click Insert > Module, and paste the following macro in the Module Window.

Sub UnhideAllSheets()
Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
ws.Visible = xlSheetVisible
Next ws
End Sub

3. Press the F5 key to run this macro. And the hidden sheets will be displayed at once.

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Multiple Exchange Accounts in Microsoft Outlook

November 25

With Outlook versions before 2010, you were limited to having 1 Exchange Type Account (mailbox) per profile. In this case, adding additional mailboxes was handled exclusively through the “add additional mailbox” option in the exchange account settings. However, this would only work if both accounts existed on the same exchange organization.

Beginning with Outlook 2010, you are now allowed to add multiple exchange accounts, this solves the problem of having multiple exchange accounts, on different organizations. However, adding multiple delegate email addresses for each exchange account now becomes a problem. Adding additional or delegate mailboxes for the first exchange account that was added in the profile works fine, however the “add” button in the additional exchange accounts is grayed out or disabled.  Here is a solution courtesy of and Microsoft


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