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Useful Excel Functions: Substitute Multiple Characters

November 5

Normally, the excel substitute() function is limited to finding 1 string and substituting said string for another string. This Excel User Defined Function allows you to substitute multiple sets of strings/characters. I created a sheet with 2 columns (as named ranges), “CleanOLD” and “CleanNew” and used the following formula¬†=SubstituteMultiple(TRIM(CLEAN(A1)),CleanOld,CleanNew)

Excel Multiple Substitute

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Cell border disappears when using CSS gradient in old versions of IE

October 29

In older versions of IE, mainly versions <=8 and modern versions rendering in a Quirks document mode, ¬†using a gradient fill ignores a border, or rather, it fills over the border. This is very problematic when using a gradient fill to fill the background of a table cell. There are many posts around the net about this but most offer solutions that don’t always work, such as playing with border-collapse and position properties. Thus far, the only solution I’ve found that works across all cases is to simulate a border using the outline property.

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Customize WordPress Login Page

September 26

If you’re looking for a good starting point on modifying your wordpress login page, then this is the page for you!

How to Download EndNote

July 23

If you’re in Academia or Research then you probably know all about EndNote and if you’re a human being, you’ve probably lost a software CD or 2, probably even your EndNote CD.

Thankfully, Thomson Reuters, the company behind End Note, has made it relatively easy for you to download the End Note install files. As for the registration information, simply backup the license.dat file from your old install and paste the file in the EndNote folder after you reinstall. If you don’t have your endnote license.dat file, call End Note, they can often times help find the old registration information.

Download Links:

If the above link doesn’t work, visit the knowledgebase link below and search for “82126” without quotes



Window/Orphan Control: Obscure Microsoft Word option

June 21

A user called in today with a Microsoft Word issue, we don’t usually support Microsoft Word but most “issues” end up being very simple fixes. The issue today was that he user was unable to start the beginning of a paragraph at the end of a page, without the entire paragraph being shifted to the next page. Not ever having encountered the issue myself, I suggested two fixes

1. Shift Enter instead of “enter” at the EOL of the previous paragraph. This inserts a line break instead of a paragraph break.

2. The old Microsoft Word “Make-it-Fit” tool, which for-whatever-reason, Microsoft has made difficult to find. It looks like it’s been renamed to “Shrink to Fit”

Apparently option #1 worked but it caused issues with the user’s formatting, option 2 did not do much. The user was able to stumble upon a “paragraph” option in word which I’ve never used before, the solution was “Window/Orphan Control”. Here are some links that explain options 1-3:

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Cached/Saved credentials in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

June 7

Recent Microsoft operating systems have changed the way “cached” or “saved” credentials are stored. A cached credential is generated whenever the user selects “remember my password”. Normally, this feature works great, however, sometimes when a network/resource password is changed, Windows will still send the older locally cached/saved credential instead.

Under ideal conditions, Windows will see that the credential is no longer valid and prompt the user for new credentials. On the other hand, under certain conditions (not sure what these are), Windows refuses to acknowledge the “this password is incorrect” server response and it attempts to authenticate repeatedly with the outdated/old credential. Depending on your network’s security settings, this behavior could cause your account to become disabled or locked-out. To remedy this, a user must manually remove or update their cached credentials, the best course of action is to remove the cached credential. Instructions on how to remove cached credentials are below, courtesy of

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Own an HD HomeRun Prime? This link is for you!

June 3

This is a very helpful thread for HD HomeRun Prime owners! Even shows you how to create a shortcut to reboot your HD HomeRun


Logitech SetPoint problems with wireless devices

June 1

Logitech SetPoint is a powerful configuration tool for most Logitech Products.

Usually, when dealing with keyboards/mice, one plugs in the device and it starts working, later installing any software that is needed to configure the device.

It looks like there is a known, yet unresolved and poorly documented, bug in SetPoint for devices using the popular Logitech Unifying Receiver. After installing SetPoint you will notice there are no “My Keyboard” or “My Mouse” tabs in the setpoint configuration screen.
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Problems installing Windows Updates?

May 31

There are a ton of fixes on the net for Windows Update problems, this one, however, might be a one-stop-shop for Windows Update repairs

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Windows Clean Install Using Upgrade Media

May 31

Upgrade keys/media sometimes make it difficult for you to perform clean installs of Windows Operating Systems. Clean Installs are often needed when recovering from hardware failure. There are a dozen workarounds, including the perfectly OK method of calling Microsoft during activation, Microsoft will have you run a remote-support tool which is activated with a special key-code provided over the phone.

Here are some of the other workarounds:

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