April 2

IMO, the nemo file manager included in Linux Mint is pretty cool (you were right Leo), especially since it has a right-click ~”run as admin” option. I’ve had issues installing mint and had to go with Ubuntu, this site shows you how to install Nemo/Cinnamon on Ubuntu.


You should also follow the directions found here:


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March 21, 2013 at 6:25 AM

OK now i think i got it!! you just instal ubuntu tweak and then you go to the admins tab and you select (into the system section) files association or whatever it says about files (i got the translated version so i don’t know what it says in the english one). After you open that up into the left menu you go to “show all” and then you uncheck the box for showing only associated files. Then you go to “all files and folders” and you choose files from the list of apps or you put nemo as command and that is all!! done!!
PS I am so happy it is my first time fixing something…

This might help too: